Road Trip – Highlights of Rhodes (part 4): Elafos Hotel

We went up and up and up into the mountains to Elafos Hotel before heading back to the south coast to our hotel.

There was a traditional tavern Elafaki (The young Deer) alongside the hotel’s main building and a church next door. You will notice the architecture is nothing like Greek buildings, it seemed very much out of place. The surrounding forest is home to a rare and unique kind of Dama Dama deer. Brought over to deal with the poisonous snakes that used to be on the island. If a Deer saw one, instead of running away they would stomp on it’s head.

On the drive back down the mountains to the coast, we passed this final little gem.

About localpreacherforkliftdriver

I am currently a Methodist Minister in the Huddersfield Circuit with pasoral charge of Hade edge, Scholes, Parkwood and Bradley churches. Views are my own.
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