Digital Class Meeting – a companion to becoming members and beyond

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At one of my churches I have four people interested in becoming members.


With three mums who have young families meeting together would be difficult to arrange, and a retired lady who has such a busy life I knew the most practical thing would be for me to meet with them separately.


Though I want them to feel connected as they go on this journey together even if they rarely met together. A place where they can support each other, a place where they can question, to share the things that are going on in their lives in a secure environment and a place where they can pray for each other.

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I knew there was a good chance that the young mums would be interested, knowing they already use social media. I was less sure about the retired lady as I did not know if she used technology much. After speaking briefly with her to my joyful surprise she is also keen on the idea as she already has a Facebook account. Only time will tell if it is worthwhile, but I love the fact they are willing to give it a go.

My prayer of hope is that it will deepen their thirst for Christ, and that it will be a place of nuture and support for all of them for many years to come.

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I am currently a Methodist Minister in the Huddersfield Circuit with pasoral charge of Hade edge, Scholes, Parkwood and Bradley churches. Views are my own.
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