Settling in…


It has been a busy few weeks. Some things have become to be a blur… A bit like the weather the last couple of days, while others are still crystal clear.

Having received a lovely warm welcome at all my churches, now starts the really hard task of remembering people’s names, remembering where I have seen them also remembering who does what! Not an easy task…

During my first services at the churches I did warn them they may need to remind me of their names! I also took the opportunity to tell them a little about me and the reason behind the design on my stole.



I based the design of the cross on the design of the Table Top Lectern, which I made about 17 years ago in memory of my Mum for the church I grew up in.


As a family we wanted to give something to the church to be a reminder of her life and her witness of faith, particularly for the years she spent as a local preacher.

Her commitment as a follower of Christ was a great influence to my life. I wanted to remind myself of how strong her faith was throughout all she faced in life. As I set out into circuit ministry it is a symbol to me that through all the joys and heartache the reason I do this is because of my faith in the salvation found in Christ.

About localpreacherforkliftdriver

I am currently a Methodist Minister in the Huddersfield Circuit with pasoral charge of Hade edge, Scholes, Parkwood and Bradley churches. Views are my own.
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