Advent – Walk in the light

In this first week of Advent we learn that on the path of peace we must walk in the light.


The past few weeks have been brimming with all sorts of things, a little bit of socialising (has to happen sometimes),multiple essay deadlines, lots of worship leading in and out of college,

writing a magazine article and stationing form… Things have gotten a little muddled at times, so time to stop, reflect and look to the light.


Advent is a time to refocus and remember what is truly important, because we live in hope, the hope that Christ came as a baby and we celebrate that gift by sharing the news that Christ will come again, of that we are assured.

About localpreacherforkliftdriver

I am a Methodist Minister taking up a new appointment in the North Cheshire Circuit, September 2019, with pasoral charge of Tarvin, Kelsall, Rowton, Christleton, Mickle Trafford, Oakmere & Bunburry with Tiverton churches. Views are my own.
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