Luther Hall: Lecture room – India 2013

Most days during the first week and at the end of the second week we attended many lectures in the Luther Hall…


We had lectures on the:

  • History and academic programme at TTS, then a lecture on communication studies in Indian Theological system on 1st July.
  • Tamil traditions & customs and various Dalit Issues in India on 2nd July.
  • Indian faith traditions and co-existence, then looking at gospel and culture:subaltern  perspective on 3rd July.
  • Indian feminism and hermeneutical possibilities and religion and society on 4th July.
  • Dalit history, then into ministry to the prisoners. In the afternoon we looked at major family issues in pastoral counselling 0n 5th July.
  • Neo Liberalism and Ecological Issues in Indian and religious conflict and international religious dialogue on the 11th July, unfortunately I missed both of these lectures as I was feeling rather unwell.

I may comment on individual lectures at a later date, they were informative and full of information I have yet to process fully.

About localpreacherforkliftdriver

I am currently a Methodist Minister in the Huddersfield Circuit with pasoral charge of Hade edge, Scholes, Parkwood and Bradley churches. Views are my own.
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